A personalized teacher accreditation platform to foster a global community of teachers to stimulate purpose-driven education

Task: Problem Framing; Solution Roadmap Conceptualization Role: Strategy Consultant


Conceptualize a global-wise solution to ensure quality education, outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


Opencircle, a decentralized, democratic independent accreditation organization and a personalized teacher accreditation platform based on blockchain and machine learning technology; Supported by Unleash innovation lab, an United Nations initiative


We face a crisis and opportunity in the shortage of teacher worldwide: 69 million new teachers are needed to be recruited by 2030. The 4th industrial revolution indicated a need for a better quality learnings and is simultaneously resulting in new ways of scaling teaching. These technology-enabled ways will be reliant on online, blended, and machine learning models and require radically different ways of ensuring universal, and equitable teaching quality standards. Today, no such method exists to do so on a scale required.


Opencircle would be the first decentralized, crowd-sourced, and blockchain enabled education solution of it’s kind. It moves away from traditional top-down, centralized teacher quality assessment models. The solution hasn’t been implemented before because the technology that it requires as well as the data required did not exist. We now have the technology, and a phased model to generate the data required.


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