My given name is Mi, which means “seeking” in Chinese. Neither of my parents were able to explain what they were expecting me to seek. So I named myself “Sophia” (Greek for wisdom) when I was a teenager - I want intellect to be part of my identity.

It took me quite long to truly understand and accept the “Mi” part as the another side of my identity. Not until I finally decided to switch my career from a senior analyst in banking to a designer in EdTech - what I have been seeking is the strength to pursue my passion and inner voice.

The overarching themes of my projects include play, storytelling, collaborative learning and data visualization. Coming from the business world, my projects reflect market needs, supported by data-driven decision making, and rooted in human-centered design.

I believe that play provides us the opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective - we are more likely to explore the unknown and to push the boundaries. I seek to bring this playful attitude to my work and my daily life. When not working or socializing at conferences, I like to check out the latest art and tech exhibitions. I am also a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, exploring the vast world on and beyond the mat.