Doraemon DIY

Arduino Attention Manager

Task: Product Conceptualization; Storyboard Creation; Arduino programming
Role: Product Designer


Conceptualize a device to help people better manage attention and form healthy studying/working habits.


Arduino Attention Manager provides an attention training system for users to stay focused on their task without having the attention being divided by various distractions while working/studying at home.


Attention management is considered as a critical ability to one’s success nowadays. People who can successfully manage their attention win not only by completing tasks more efficiently, but also by saving more time for high quality entertainment. However, in the era that is full of distractions, staying focused becomes a challenge for both children and adults. “Home” is a place in where many people spend a lot of time to work and study, people need more self-control against the distractions like food, digital entertainments and even their comfy bed. How might we help people to better control their attention when working/studying at home?



Doraemon DIY – Arduino Attention Manager is built on Behaviorism and Affective learning theories, to reinforce desired responses using reward and reduce the undesired responses giving punishment. Because of the highly customizable and interactive nature of physical computing, the condition system is entirely personalized – from the agent (in the demo below, it is my beloved cat), to the reward/punishment (macaron and spider), to the trigger (the location of the sensor depends on the type of distraction users want to avoid the most).


Check out the storyboard here!

Design Journal

Grown up with Doraemon’s stories, I always dreamed of having the magical blue robot cat one day myself.

One weekend, when I was working at home on some deadline, I realized I opened the fridge 10+ times that day like a raccoon. Therefore, I decided to create my own version of Doraemon to manage my stress eating issue.


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