A career knowledge mobilization platform for college students

Task: UX Research & Design; Market Research; Rapid Prototyping

Role: Product Designer; Team Lead


Design a digital product that help college students to make better informed and evolving career plan.


Enkindle, a community-based online knowledge web on career planning. Collaborated with NYU Steinhardt Digital Media Design for Learning Program.


Time is the only limited resource fair to everyone. An average person spends at least 35% of their time at work, while half of Americans are unhappy about their jobs. Career information is scattered and fragmented, requiring high effort to collect and synthesize; and students don’t know what they don’t know. How can we make better decisions to optimize our time investment?


Enkindle is a community-based online platform that facilitates college and university students to build well-informed and evolving career plans. By leveraging the power of storytelling and group learning, Enkindle simplifies the intimidating and time-consuming networking experience for students. This project adopted the Human-Centered Designed approach, and Rapid Iteration process. As a team of four, we conducted over 40 hours ethnography research in various locations, conducted 10+ one-on-one interviews with both end users and multiple stakeholders, in addition to an in-depth survey.



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