A video game for learning fractions

Task: Game Mechanics Design; Instructional Design; Market Research

Role: Co-designer


Design a game for young learners to learn fractions, the most difficult topic for students in K-12 Mathematics education.


Fracticious, an educational video game that helps 3rd – 4th grade students to build a more intuitive understanding of equivalent fractions by leveraging various real-life contexts, and effectively encourages repeated playing for mastery.


Fraction is one of the most difficult topics for students in K-12 Mathematics education, but it is also a crucial knowledge that affects long-term math performance. While only 50% of American 8th graders correctly ordered three fractions from smallest to largest, research suggested that fifth graders’ understanding of fractions and division predicts high school students’ knowledge of algebra and overall math achievement. How might we create an engaging and meaningful game to help students to learn fraction?


The game design engages players through cognitive, motivational, affective and sociocultural foundation. We use familiar and relatable topic, food, to introduce hard learning material. The game extends the pleasure by same-but-different gameplay, and borrows a narrative from classic fighting game. The rewards system includes both intrinsic and extrinsic, such as score, coins, special customization and random bonus items. Players are motivated to progress as the game enables them to express themselves by creating personalized food selection.




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